Introducing CPN-PREV

What is CPN-PREV? 

CPN-PREV is an evidence-based and practitioners-centered network funded by the Public Safety Canada’s Community Resilience Fund (CRF).

The goal of CPN-PREV is to bring forward Canadian leadership and develop excellence in countering violent radicalization. It supports best practices and collaborations among intervention teams, through sustained knowledge mobilization between researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and various community sectors.

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What Do We Do?

CPN-PREV has four inter-related objectives in matters of violent radicalization:

  • Generate evidence-based best practice guidelines related to assessment, prevention, and intervention;
  • Identify existing assets and examine the level of collaboration through a Canada wide mapping of existing initiatives;
  • Strengthen collaborative resource development by and for practitioners across multiple sectors and disciplines, through capacity building in areas of high need;
  • Expand and improve access to the collection of evidence-based resources tailored to Canadian practitioners.

How Do We Do It?

CPN-PREV will achieve its objectives by:

  • Generating systematic reviews on:
    • Exposure to extremist online content leading to violent radicalization;
    • Trajectories and shift markers in and out of violent radicalization;
    • Outcomes of intervention programs and balance of their benefits/harms;
    • Reliability, validity, and outcomes of screening/assessment measures/ tools and the balance of their benefits/harms;
  • Conducting 4W mapping (Who, When, Where, What) across Canada;
  • Supporting the development and sustainability of multisectoral intervention networks nationwide;
  • Training practitioners from diverse sectors and sharing tools in evaluation and intervention.