Why a CP Network in Canada?

The field of violent radicalization in Canada currently has several pressing needs:

  • Address the rise of social polarizations;
  • Identify and support evidence-based practice models for risk assessment, prevention and intervention;
  • Coordinate collaborations and capacity building through sustained practitioners based teams and knowledge transfer among key sectors and stakeholders;
  • Train practitioners in assessment, prevention, and intervention;
  • Share, support and empower existing initiatives among youth and community actors.

The Network addresses these needs by strengthening collaborative resources by and for practitioners across multiple sectors and disciplines. In areas of high need, CP Network builds on capacity by leveraging and improving existing Canadian assets around joint interventions in matters of violent radicalization. 

How Will the Network Come About?

There are several practice-based initiatives involved in the assessment, prevention or intervention in radicalization and extremist violence in Canada.

However, there is little, if any, information on location, size, structure, and components of these initiatives. Many of these initiatives are only locally known and often undocumented. Several practitioners and organizations are isolated, work in silos or lack sufficient resources.  

The CPN-PREV team will identify these existing assets, document their activities and models, and inform on the existing level of collaboration through a Canada wide interactive mapping of existing initiatives. 

Who Can Be a Member of CPN-PREV?

Any person or organization from all sectors of society (e.g. health, education, community, social services, employment and housing, policing, policy) working in Canada in the fields of assessment, prevention and/or intervention in matters of radicalization and extremist violence, can become a member of CPN-PREV.