The CPN-PREV/RAPS Consortium Training Programs

The CPN-PREV and RAPS consortium will help develop, adapt, expand and improve access to diverse training modules, toolkits, as well as capacity strengthening programs and activities adapted to the diverse practice sectors (e.g., health, social services, education, community).

The CPN-PREV/RAPS consortium will:

  • Support CPN-PREV’s members and partners with the adaptation, implementation and/or dissemination of the training modules and training-related activities across Canada;
  • Co-conduct field-testing, monitoring and evaluation in terms of practitioners’ knowledge, attitudes and practices of implemented training modules and activities;
  • Help CPN-PREV’s members develop Training of Trainers and other initiatives to strengthen the capacities of trainers and practitioners;
  • Promote knowledge mobilization around training among practitioners across Canada.

Training Structure and Content

CPN-PREV/RAPS consortium has developed five training modules that are adaptable and tailored to different audiences through various formats with different topics and length (from few hours to three days).

Two main formulas are available, i.e.:

  • General training sessions (half a day to one-day);
  • À la Carte Training sessions (one and a half to two days), such as Basic Educational Training, Community Training, Mental Health and Psycho-Social Services (MHPSS) Training and Specialized Training.