Private Platform

The private platform is a virtual space where practitioners are able to share with other professionals working in the field of prevention of radicalization and violent extremism (PVR/PVE) and where they can access resources that will help them in their practice. The private platform adds to our range of knowledge mobilization tools and consolidates the network’s community by promoting sharing among practitioners.

On the private platform, practitioners can interact through thematic forums, register to CPN-PREV events and access resources that have been specifically curated for practitioners in the network. Depending on their line of work, each practitioner will have access to different types of contents on the platform.

To have an account on the private platform, you must be a member of the network, and be a practitioner working in the field of PVR/PVE. Once you join the network, and the information you have submitted has been reviewed, you will automatically receive your access credentials to the platform. Please do not hesitate to reach us at if you have any questions about your account.