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CPN-PREV Publications

The Prevention of Violent Radicalization: Evidence-Based Guidelines to Promote Efficient Interventions – Conference Report

Authors: Brouillette-Alarie, Sébastien | Hassan, Ghayda | Ousman, Sarah | Lavoie Lysiane | Perrault, Jean | CPN-PREV team


Partnering in Practice: Preventing social Polarizations

Authors: Porcelli, Paola | Gosselin, Marie-Eve | Verret, Émilie  | Bergeron, Florence | Hassan, Ghayda| CPN-PREV Team


Prevention of Radicalization and Extremist Violence
Canadian Practitioners Network Expert Meeting Days’ Report

Authors: Gosselin, Marie-Eve | Hassan, Ghayda | Kilinc, Deniz | Ousman, Sarah | Porcelli, Paola | Affodegon, W. Seyive | Varela, Wynnpaul | Perrault, Jean


Other publications

A Repeated Cross-Sectional Study of Sympathy for Violent Radicalization in Canadian College Students

Authors: Rousseau, Cécile | Miconi, Diana | Hassan, Ghayda | Frounfelker, Rochelle L.

Media: American Journal of Orthopsychiatry

Youth and Violent Extremism on Social Media : Mapping the Research

Authors: Alava, Séraphin | Frau-Meigs, Divina |Hassan, Ghayda

Media: UNESCO Report

Current Challenges in Addressing Youth Mental Health in the Context of Violent Radicalization

Authors: Rousseau, Cécile | Hassan, Ghayda

Media: Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Exposure to Extremist Online Content Could Lead to Violent Radicalization: A Systematic Review of Empirical Evidence

Authors: Hassan, Ghayda | Brouillette-Alarie, Sébastien | Alava, Séraphin | Frau-Meigs, Divina | Lavoie, Lysiane | Fetiu, Arber  | Varela, Wynnpaul  | Borokhovski, Evgueni  | Venkatesh, Vivek | Rousseau, Cécile | Sieckelinck, Stijn

Media: International Journal of Development 

Comment Qualifier les Relations Entre les Médias Sociaux et les Processus de Radicalisation Menant à la Violence ?

Authors: Alava, Séraphin |Frau-Meigs, Divina |Hassan, Ghayda

Media: Quaderni

Le Défi du Vivre Ensemble : Les Déterminants Individuels et Sociaux du Soutien à la Radicalisation Violente des Collégiens et Collégiennes au Québec

Authors: Rousseau, Cécile| Hassan, Ghayda |Lecompte, Vanessa |Oulhote,  Youssef | El Hage, Habib | Mekki-Berrada, Abdelwahed  | Rousseau-Rizzi, Aude

Media: Sherpa Research Report

And If There were Another Way Out? Questioning the Prevalent Radicalization Models

Authors: Rousseau, Cécile | Hassan, Ghayda | Oulhote, Youssef

Media: The Canadian Journal of Public Health

Impact of the Charter of Quebec Values on Psychological Well-Being of Francophone University Students

Authors: Hassan, Ghayda|Mekki-Berrada, Abdelwahed | Rousseau, Cécile |Lyonnais-Lafond, Gabrielle | Jamil, Uzma | Cleveland, Janet

Media: Transcultural Psychiatry

Intervention en Contexte de Radicalisation Menant à la Violence: l’expérience québécoise

Authors: Ben-Cheikh, Imen  | Rousseau, Cécile  | Hassan, Ghayda  | Brami, Mathieu  | Hernandez, Stéphane  | Rivest, Marie-Hélène

Media: Revue Santé mentale au Québec (Submitted)


Anonymization, Privacy and Confidentiality

Social Polarization Tipsheet (ENG)

This tipsheet explores the concept of social polarization and its role in the field of prevention of violent radicalization, providing its background, its impacts on society, some definitions and more.

Risk and Protective Factors Tipsheet (ENG)

This tipsheet explores the concepts of risk and protective factors and their role in the field of prevention of violent radicalization, providing their background, their impacts on society, some definitions and more.

Critical Media Literacy Tipsheet (ENG)

This tipsheet explores the concept of critical media literacy and its role in the field of prevention of violent radicalization , providing its background, its impacts on society, some definitions and more.

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About Us

Introducing CPN-PREV

What is CPN-PREV? 

CPN-PREV is an evidence-based and practitioners-centered network funded by the Public Safety Canada’s Community Resilience Fund (CRF).

The goal of CPN-PREV is to bring forward Canadian leadership and develop excellence in countering violent radicalization. It supports best practices and collaborations among intervention teams, through sustained knowledge mobilization between researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and various community sectors.

What Do We Do?

CPN-PREV has four inter-related objectives in matters of violent radicalization:

  • Generate evidence-based best practice guidelines related to assessment, prevention, and intervention;
  • Identify existing assets and examine the level of collaboration through a Canada wide mapping of existing initiatives;
  • Strengthen collaborative resource development by and for practitioners across multiple sectors and disciplines, through capacity building in areas of high need;
  • Expand and improve access to the collection of evidence-based resources tailored to Canadian practitioners.

How Do We Do It?

CPN-PREV will achieve its objectives by:

  • Generating systematic reviews on:
    • Exposure to extremist online content leading to violent radicalization;
    • Trajectories and shift markers in and out of violent radicalization;
    • Outcomes of intervention programs and balance of their benefits/harms;
    • Reliability, validity, and outcomes of screening/assessment measures/ tools and the balance of their benefits/harms;
  • Conducting 4W mapping (Who, When, Where, What) across Canada;
  • Supporting the development and sustainability of multisectoral intervention networks nationwide;
  • Training practitioners from diverse sectors and sharing tools in evaluation and intervention.

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