CPN-PREV (Canadian Practitioners Network for the Prevention of Radicalization and Extremist Violence) is an evidence-based and practitioners-centered network established to bring forward Canadian leadership and develop excellence in countering violent radicalization. CPN-PREV supports best practices and collaborations among intervention teams, through sustained knowledge mobilization between researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and various community sectors.


We identify existing assets and examine the level of multisectoral collaboration through a Canada-wide interactive mapping of assets (training, prevention, and intervention-focused initiatives) in matters of violent radicalization.


We seek to reduce misinformation and improve the general public’s and practitioners’ understanding of the complex and quickly evolving contexts of violent radicalization, while promoting a non-stigmatizing approach.

Best Practices

We generate evidence-based best practice guidelines and related knowledge mobilization tools that address risk assessment in case management and prevention/intervention in matters of violent radicalization.


We strengthen collaborative resource development by and for practitioners across multiple sectors and disciplines, through capacity building. This is done by leveraging and connecting existing Canadian assets around joint interventions in matters of violent radicalization in areas of high need.


We provide training modules for practitioners from diverse sectors that are co-designed and tailored to their specific needs and contexts. We support local implementation and field test existing training programs, toolkits, and applications on prevention of radicalization.


We expand, improve, and increase access to the collection of best practices (in training, prevention, and intervention) tailored for Canadian practitioners, through a continuous knowledge mobilization process including diverse sets of outputs and activities.


Successful and Less Successful Approaches in Primary and Secondary PVE Programs : A Systematic Review

The CPN-PREV, Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence and UNESCO Chair in Prevention of Radicalization and Violent Extremism invite you, on November 25th, to the live presentation and discussion of CPN-PREV’s 2nd systematic review results.

What Is Violent Radicalization?

We recently added a new page to our website to contextualize, explain and define what is violent radicalization. Don’t hesitate to take a look!

London Terroriste Attack: Interview with Dr Ghayda Hassan, Radio Canada

On June 6, 2021, an Islamophobic attack was carried out against a Muslim family in London, Ontario. A 20-years old individual struck three adults, a teenager, and a child before being arrested for committing a terrorist attack. How do we recover from this tragedy and not harbor hatred? Dr. Ghayda Hassan, psychologist, director of CPN-PREV discusses the issue in an interview on 24-60 on Radio-Canada.

*Content in French.