The Interactive Map


Several organizations offer intervention services in situations involving radicalization leading to violence in Canada. However, there is currently no comprehensive directory listing these resources and outlining the work done by the intervention teams. It is in this spirit that the CPN-PREV has developed this interactive map, which follows the realization of a Canada-wide mapping of the available resources. We hope the map can serve both practitioners and members of the public who wish to find out what services are available across the country.

How to use the interactive map

To navigate the interactive map:

  1. Select a search mode by clicking on the drop-down menu and choosing one of the options. A description of the selected search mode is available when you click on the question mark on the right side of the drop-down menu.
  2. Once you have selected a search mode, coloured dots will appear on the map. A legend will also be visible in the lower right corner of the map.
  3. Click on the dots you are interested in. The organizations corresponding to your selection will be listed below the interactive map.

Feel free to move your cursor over the map and to zoom in if needed by clicking on the +/- icon located in the lower left corner or by double-clicking on the map.

You are now ready to use the interactive map. Enjoy the browsing!

The interactive map shows organizations working with individuals in the process of violent radicalization across Canada. For confidentiality and safety reasons, only organizations that have given their consent are represented on the map. Also, organizations that did not want to disclose their location are represented on the Hudson Bay.

If you want more information or would like to connect with organizations that are available in your region but that may not be listed on the map, or if you would like you or your organization to be featured on the interactive map, please do not hesitate to contact the CPN-PREV team at the following address: