CPN-PREV/RAPS Consortium Training Programs

Theoretical Approach: Intercultural & Anti-Oppressive

Our training approach is unique in the field because:

  • Relies on evidence-based information
  • Considers the risks of detection and profiling
  • Is centered on an intercultural take on violent radicalization and its related concepts
  • Fosters a culturally safe environment in the implementation of prevention and intervention programs
  • Aims at empowering communities affected by hate crimes and incidents

Learning Philosophy: Transformative & Experiential

Violent radicalization can be an anxiety-inducing topic leading to feelings of disempowerment among practitioners. To alleviate these feelings, our training programs help to:

  • Deconstruct the myths and reduce the anxiety surrounding violent radicalization
  • Foster decentering and critical thinking
  • Provide participants with tools, strategies, and best practices
  • Promote an ecosystemic and multisectoral approach

Model of Practice: Ecosystemic & Intersectoral

Our training programs include:

  • Activities and exercises;
  • Tools to work on group dynamics, manage difficult emotions, and address sensitive topics
  • Discussions on cases and trajectories, simulations, role-plays and participatory learning strategies